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Africa's view on Europe

The focus of this issue is entirely composed of voices from Africa. Africans describe their views of Europe and how it is seen in Africa. They talk about problems of partnership, about soccer migration and Europe’s approach to the Sahel. For some, Europe is a place of longing; for others, it remains the arrogant and hypocritical neighbour to the north.

Let’s rely on our own strengths: Many independent Christian churches in Africa take a very critical view of the European understanding of development. These Churches have emerged as a reaction to European colonial rule and are rooted in local communities that oppose domination from outside. By Nicta Lubaale


Europe’s flawed recipes for the Sahel: Europe and the U.S. have been trying for years to improve the security situation in the Sahel. This has failed because they don’t sufficiently try to understand local conditions, says Vladimir Antwi-Danso



Football instead of school: For young people in Africa, opportunities to climb the social ladder are limited. Many young athletes therefore focus entirely on football and hope for a career in Europe. That is risky. By Ikechukwu Ejekwumadu



When you mix black and white, you get green: Viewed from Nigeria, Europe presents a conflicting picture. If nothing else, its complicated relations with Africa show for a Nigerian writer: Thinking in terms of good and evil, black and white, is inappropriate. By A. Igoni Barrett


"Meetings with Europeans have made drumming my profession": Baye Cheikh Matala Mbaye came to Germany 14 years ago. Both in Senegal and here, he teaches Europeans how to drum. Thanks to music, he has been given the opportunities in Europe that many Africans hope for. Read the interview


Europe as an opportunity for life and trade: Africans associate the most diverse ideas with Europe, some dream of a better life there, others have fled there and been sent back again. Four women and men talk about their view of the continent. Read the kaleidoscope


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